We want to help…will you join us?

As a member of the Katy House family (yes, you’re family), we want to ask if you’d walk alongside us to provide temporary housing support to area healthcare professionals & first responders during this difficult time? It’s our hope that together we’ll be able to offer lodging accommodations to those in need of a safe and secluded environment to lessen the exposure of Covid19 to their loved ones at home.

Each $49 Sponsorship will be matched dollar-for-dollar by The Katy House to provide a one-day stay in 1 of 3 of our cottages.

Our goal is to offer 168 days of lodging. In order to make this possible, we truly do need your help.

Want to Sponsor a Hero’s Lodging for a Day? Each Sponsorship is $49 and all you need to do is email stay@katyhouse.com with a simple ‘Yes’ then include your contact details. We’ll contact you ASAP to gather your info and you have 3 easy options to pay: 

  • All major credit cards are accepted. We’ll call you ASAP and take your payment via phone.
  • Paypal: PayPal.Me/thekatyhouse
  • Katy House Website, Gift Certificate Link. If purchasing Sponsorships directly through the Katy House website, in order to be valid towards this local Smithville initiative, please include the following details in the Gift Certificate fields:
    • This Gift is From: Please put Your Name
    • This Gift is To: ‘Hero Lodging Sponsorship’
    • Email Delivery Address: stay@katyhouse.com

In the coming weeks, we hope to share impact stories of how your contributions poured into the lives of others that needed your unmatched generosity and kindness. We are working with local healthcare organizations and first responders to identify Heroes in need of lodging assistance.

Sponsor a Hero’s Lodging window will only be open 72 hours in an effort to work swiftly with area hospitals and first responders and properly schedule needs.

We’ve done our best to consider all aspects of offering temporary housing to our local healthcare community & first responders. Below are just a few answers to the questions we asked ourselves and think may cross your mind as well:


Q: Can I donate more than a 1-day Sponsorship? Yes and Yes! To reach our goal of 168 days of temporary housing, we need your support. If you feel led to Sponsor more than one day, then please do so. Cheerful givers come in all forms and we’re grateful for any sponsorship you can provide.

Q: Is there a cap for sponsorship/donations? With matching donations, the Katy House will commit up to 168 room days (through June 15). If donations surpass our 168-day commitment, then we’ll either extend the housing blocks until donations are used OR create 2-night Appreciation Stay Gift Certificates that will be donated to nominated healthcare/first responders in need of respite.

Q: Where will the healthcare providers/first responders stay on property? The Katy House has 3 separate cottages not attached to the Main House. Our 3 cottages have private access (no contact necessary): onto the property, entrance into the cottage, and even a separate outdoor area/porch should guests need some fresh air and sunshine. We will work with local healthcare organizations and first responders to identify Heroes in need of lodging needs.

Q: How much is a room stay during this campaign? Every Sponsorship raised of $49 plus a matching donation from The Katy House will provide 1-day of temporary housing plus fees. Per day, the Katy House will be charging the $96 plus fees ($96 is the area 2020 Federal Government hotel rate).

Q: What will the temporary housing blocks include? Made possible through your sponsorships, the Katy House will provide 14-day/13 night temporary housing blocks with designated onsite laundry times. At this time, in an effort to minimize exposure of the virus, we’re not able to provide daily breakfast, house-keeping or access into the Main House.