Katy House sent items to Presidential Library

The Bush Library and Museum, in College Station, borrowed over 20 railroad items from the Katy House for a 6 month exhibit on Railroading last year.   Our Ragsdale clock was displayed in a large exhibit explaining timekeeping with running the railroads years ago.  Ragsdale Jeweler, on Main Street, in Smithville, was the official watch inspector for the M.K.&T.R.R.

Bruce and Sallie in front of display on Railroading timekeeping

Bruce and Sallie in front of display on Railroading timekeeping

Adventures in Inn-Sitting at the Katy House

 We have known Bruce and Sallie for some time, staying at the Katy House Bed & Breakfast, while playing “pioneers” on our 21 acres of woods and getting it ready for retirement, just outside of Smithville. One morning, at breakfast, I heard my big mouth saying in response to their comments on closing the Katy House while on a 2 week vacation, “Why don’t you let Sharron and I run the place while you are gone?” 


From having been guests, I envisioned nothing to do after the breakfast dishes
were done but to sit around watching movies provided for guests and eating copious amounts of free chocolate chip cookies and sipping coffee or lemonade.


Well, they took us up on the offer, and after returning from their trip to Canada, two things happened.  One, I realized that there was more to running a bed and breakfast business than it appeared. We finished watching our first movie 4 days before they returned and didn’t start the second one knowing we would never finish it. And two, Sallie, in her diplomatic way, suggested that in the future we would be paid a salary but no more free cookies. OK, so I happen to like chocolate chip cookies.  Is that some crime??


Anyway, we have been Inn sitters for the Katy House for the past 4 years and have enjoyed almost every minute of it…except when Bruce shows up and tries to help.  (Just kidding, Bruce!)

We can’t wait till they call us to Inn Sit again!

Al and Sharron




In Smithville TX Bird Watching is Big

Bird Watching in Smithville, TX

Although we have bird feeders in our garden, here at the Katy House Bed & Breakfast, the birds love all the sunflower blooms and other blooming plants.  To see a large number of different species, I head to the state park. We are lucky to have two state parks nearby. Buescher State Park is three miles from Katy House, and Bastrop State Park is 13 miles away.  The Bastrop County Audubon Society is an active group. See the link below, showing the many species found in our parks.  http://www.bastropcountyaudubon.org/checklist.htm

Bastrop-Buescher State Parks Christmas Bird Count A Huge Success

The Bastrop-Buescher State Parks CBC was held on Thursday, January 1, 2009. There were nearly 50 counters, which is a record. There were 120 species counted, which is the second highest count. Highlights included the Least Grebe and all three Kingfisher species.