Saturday, September 5,  7-11PM – McKinney Roughs Nature Park is having their “Light o’the Moon Float Trip.  How do you beat the heat and still get in some good times on the Colorado River? The Light o’the Moon fljoat trips begin with a sunset on the river, which is soon replaced by the cooler night air. Enjoy yourselp as your raft is gently guided down a moonlit stretch of tranquil river. Pre-registration is required, $50 per person, ages 7 and up. Call McKinney Roughs at 512 303-5073 to register.  The Park is about 18 miles West of Smithville.  These trips are planned around a full moon.  Guests of the Katy House that have taken this trip loved it and plan to take the trip again this fall.We love the Colorado River and this is a great trip. If you can not plan on going on this float trip, try to plan to go on another time!