How exciting! The Katy House is on YouTube.  One of the couples here for their anniversary, in December 2006, took lots of photos.  They stayed with us again, and Al put this slide show together and we uploaded it to YouTube. There are photos of Buddy and William and our Smithville Bed and Breakfast.  There are lots of photos of downtown Smithville, and the baking of the Giant Gingerbread Man.  That Gingerbread Cookie now holds the title of Guinness World Record Largest Gingerbread Man.    The Cookie mold now stands at the end of Main Street, next to the Smithville Chamber.  Click on the link below, or go to youtube and do a search for “Al and Sharron’s Visit”  (Sharron has two ‘r’s)

Are there any previous guests of ours that have videos on YouTube about your visit to Smithville? Please let me know.